Wreckfest gets more wrecks to wreck

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Wreckfest, Bugbear’s triumphant return to demolition racing, is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Alongside that platform launch, the PC version is getting a bunch of free content to bring it up to the consoles. Four new tracks, five more vehicles, (including motorhomes and a motorised couch) additional career events, and a new dirt devil arena are coming today.

I want to stress the important point here. There is a couch with an engine rigged up to it, and you ride it while slamming into other drivers on motorised couches.

There is also a season pass being offered that will give you twenty more vehicles over the course of eight DLC packs coming soon. Will anything in the DLC be as good as a souped-up demolition derby couch? Is there anything that good in real life?