Mafia III’s last DLC corrects an injustice that has plagued the game since launch

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Mafia III’s Sign of the Times DLC pack is out today. It’s the final chunk of the game’s promised season pass content. It’s got the usual stuff like new weapons to buy, more cars to collect, a couple of new outfits to play dress-up with, and some new story content. This time, Lincoln Clay goes up against a religious cult, as if 1960’s prejudice and the mob weren’t enough.

Beyond the normal DLC content, Sign of the Times offers players the opportunity to reverse a wrong. The DLC gives players a chance to rebuild Sammy’s bar. In the main game, the bar is mostly depicted as a burnt-out husk of tumbledown rafters and ashes, while somehow serving as Lincoln Clay’s living quarters. It’s an odd choice for a man that eventually comes to own everything in the city. He may not be able to impact racism or tear down any “No Colored Allowed” signs, but Clay can finally relax in his own pub.