March 12: wallet threat level yellow

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I’m not very well versed in the Mario Party series, but based on my brief time with Mario Party 9, I can safely say it’s a great game for kids or drunk adults. If your household is host to either of those, consider this a minor wallet threat.

I feel the Silent Hill series has lost its way since the first game, but that doesn’t stop me from being curious about the latest, Silent Hill: Downpour. Still, is it a wise idea to name your game after a heavy rain?

Journey, the next game from the creators of Flower, is out this week. It has some sort of online functionality so that I don’t intend to play it until it’s out and you guys are playing it as well. But if the words “from the creators of Flower” aren’t a wallet threat, I don’t know what is. Finally Yakuza: Dead Souls brings to the clunky Japanese crimelord series exactly what it needs. Zombies.