Ascension: Return of the Fallen: alas, poor Oziah!

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In the good old days before the add-on, Oziah the Peerless was the fiercest warrior you could get into your Ascension deck. This guy automatically and single-handedly beat any monster in the deck, except for the Avatar of the Fallen himself. I mean, you can’t very well have one card trump the main villain, can you? But otherwise, Oziah the Peerless was worthy of his superlative. It seemed a shame to waste him on a Mephit or even a Corrosive Widow. He could take down an Earth Tyrant. He could even best Xeron, Duke of Lies. This guy meant business. But then the add-on came along.

One of the problems with using superlatives as a title is that you never know when an add-on is going to come out. Return of the Fallen includes a hero named Adayu. Adayu, the Chosen. That’s Mr. Chosen to you. Adayu, the Chosen is a card that lets you simply take or defeat any card you want. Any card. Even an Avatar of the Fallen. Even the actual Fallen, who I presume is the brand new uber-baddie in the expansion, Samael the Fallen. There is no card in Ascension that Adayu does not trump. Of course, there’s also no card as expensive as Adayu, but you get what you pay for.

And this means Oziah is no longer peerless. Oziah, meet Adayu. Adayu, Oziah. You guys will be sharing a room. (Psst, Oziah, come here. Don’t tell Adayu I’m telling you this, but I still like your card art and flavor text better!)

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