Be an intergalactic day-trader or truck driver in X Rebirth

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Egosoft’s X series of space sandbox games occupy a niche between old-fashioned space action games like Wing Commander and trucking games like Euro Truck Simulator 2. The comparison I see being used most often is Privateer, but while that comes close, it fails to encompass the spreadsheet management sim that the X games can become once you begin operating a fleet of mining ships or a company of cargo haulers. The X series also has a reputation for being a bit obtuse and complicated. They’re a lot like Stalker in that you’re given some basic equipment and told to have at it, but unlike Stalker’s rifles and food, it’s doubtful you know how to use a Boron Orca or a Meatsteak Cahoona.

Egosoft is taking that issue head on with X Rebirth. It’s not just a rebirth for the lore, it’s a chance to start over with the UI and the general learning curve of the games. Check out the video. If the finished project is anywhere near as slick looking, then space truckers will finally get the game they’ve wanted since Elite.