Saints Row 3’s fully upgraded and operational Grave Digger

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At some point when I had my nose buried in Skyrim or Anno 2070, THQ finally flipped the switch to activate Saints Row 3’s online stats tracking and screenshots. Now, if your friends have registered their accounts and if you know their profile names, you can check their stats. For instance, this guy is in the top 95% when it comes to total kills. Pretty good. That’s an A+ on most grading scales.

Now that I can finally post the screenshots I took while playing on the Xbox 360, you’re going to have to humor me, much the same way you might humor someone showing you his vacation pictures. For instance, in the above screenshot, witness the power of a fully upgraded and operational Grave Digger shotgun. Well, maybe not the power, but certainly the aesthetics. Suffice to say I sank enough money into that gun that when I shoot things, they burst into flame.