Five reasons to get the new FTL expansion

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FTL is a frantic permadeath game about managing the crew of an interstellar ship as it voyages through hostile space. Imagine being Captain Kirk, but your bridge crew is a bunch of morons. Putting out literal fires and driving off enemy boarding parties takes up the lion’s share of your time. There is a delicious tension between handling emergencies and navigating the cold depths of the galaxy. Subset Games has announced FTL: Advanced Edition and there are a few reasons for you to get this expansion.

After the jump, the ship can’t take much more of this!

1. Chris Avellone of successful crowd-sourced games Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity, is teaming up with SubSet Games’ writer Tom Jubert to add new hazards and a dangerous new sector to destroy your ship.

2. Saving and quitting will be possible in combat. No more missing dinner because your crew is in the middle of an emergency! Well, not on purpose anyway.

3. Hacking and mind control will give you new ways to screw with your enemies. Hey, they’re messing with you, so why not mess with them?

4. A Star Destroyer’s worth of new equipment is being added. New weapons, effects, drones, enemy ships, and other items that will kill your crew in advanced ways.

5. You don’t have to play with any of the new stuff unless you want it. Advanced Edition features can be turned off before you start a new game.

6. The expansion is free and coming for all owners of the regular game in early 2014! Free! Woo! There’s also a iPad version coming for starship captains to play while using the most important room in the ship.