The gears of Gears of War keep turning

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Before I hand you over to Jason “Fenix” McMaster for Quarter to Three’s enthusiastic Gears of War 3 game diary, I leave you with this review:

You’ve played this game a couple of times already, and here you are shelling out another sixty bucks to play it all over again, with only minor improvements, and with the same shortcomings it’s had all along. The word that keeps springing to mind as I play is “competent”. When it’s all over, the reaction is a shrug. When it’s sitting on my shelf, I might as well reach for Gears of War 2. Or a shooter with some creative energy like Hard Reset, or Lost Planet 2, or Fear 3.

Thumbs down.

(Update: there was some confusion about the rating which has been resolved; the current C+ is the intended score)