What do the Nintendo 3DS and vampire movies have in common?

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Fifteen years ago, Abel Ferrara made a low-budget black-and-white vampire movie called The Addiction, with Lili Taylor and Annabella Sciorra. I figured I’d go see it. On the way to the theater, I had one of those fish sandwiches from McDonalds. Part way into the movie — I don’t recall exactly what was happening, but it was probably some poorly lit blood-slurping — I had a funny feeling. Like I was going to hurl. I had to go out into the lobby and put down with my head between my knees. I’m not sure if it was the fish sandwich or the Abel Ferrara.

I finally got to spend some time with the Nintendo 3DS recently. Before firing up Ridge Racer 3D, I had a cup of coffee on an empty stomach. After a few racers — and man, I really don’t get why anyone tolerates these Ridge Racer games — I got a funny feeling. Like I was going to hurl. I had to dial down the 3D mode. I’m not sure if it was the coffee or the 3D.

At that point I was left with a pretty decent Nintendo DSi with an awesome analog stick. Not that I know of any game that really needs it yet. Tonight, an update will add a web browser and support for the Nintendo Store. But I’m not sure I’ll crank that 3D dial up any more than I’ll go back and try to sit through The Addiction again.