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That guy at 2K Games who said strategy games are “not contemporary” picked the wrong week to trash talk nerds like me who love our hexes and build queues. Because this is the week Of Hydralisks & Phalanxes goes live.

What is Of Hydralisks and Phalanxes? Glad you asked. It’s a monthly strategy gaming column I’ll be doing for Gamespy. And, yes, that’s the actual title. The first column is here and I hope that guy at 2K reads it, because I give him the what-for. I read him the riot act. I dress him down. I take him out back to the shed. I bend him over a barrel and show him the 50 states.

Actually, not really. Because I kind of understand what 2K president Christoph Hartman was getting at in his interview. It’s just that us strategy gamers don’t often get the opportunity to get mad without looking ridiculous for kvetching about a missing hotkey or bad AI or whether a phalanx could beat a battleship. which it totally could.

So I hope you enjoy my first column, Mr. Hartman! Because there more where that came from. One every month, in fact.