John Romero’s about to make you his taco truck driver

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That image is from Gunman Taco Truck. It’s a post-apocalyptic game in which the player owns the last taco truck in the world. Travel the wasteland, kill mutants, buy cooking supplies, and sell tacos. There’s side-scrolling action and a bit of a simple business sim mixed together. It’s the first game from Romero Games. That’s John and Brenda Romero’s indie studio in Galway, Ireland.

Gunman Taco Truck was based on an idea from the couple’s son, Donovan Brathwaite-Romero, when he was nine years old.

Over 2 years and lots of fun have gone into making Gunman Taco Truck an unforgettable experience, and the realization of Donovan’s dream of making a video game. Donovan has been learning how to code for the past 3 years.

Gunman Taco Truck is available on Steam and the Humble Store.