Brit journalist explains why he sucks at Call of Duty and Mario Kart

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One of the writers for this site, Christien Murawski, claims to be color blind. I’ve always suspected it was a ruse to explain why he’s terrible at shooters. But then I saw this piece from BBC journalist Dave Lee, who claims to be colorblind. Or “colourblind”, as he puts it. A short video shows how Call of Duty: Black Ops looks to colorblind folks. That explains a lot! Fortunately, Black Ops is one of a handful of games with settings that help colorblind players. In Lee’s article and video, Nintendo plays the role of the insensitive publisher who can’t be arsed to the accommodate colorblind players.

I remember how this was a big issue in Alpha Centauri, a strategy game where the location of pink fungus, which is invisible to colorblind players, is hugely important. That game also got a patch to enable settings for colorblind players.

(Thanks, Peter!)