Car thieves and bank robbers are okay in Australia but not Saints

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What is going on Down Under? The Australian Classification Board has given Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V an “R18+” rating but denied Saints Row IV classification for the second time. The board judged that Grand Theft Auto V was R18+ due to “high-impact” drug use while the sex, violence, and language was only of “strong impact.” Meanwhile, Saints Row IV was resubmitted to the board following its earlier refusal due to the game’s use of an alien anal probe. The self-censored version of the Saints Row sequel (presumably with less probing) was denied classification again. The board objected to drug use that was “related to incentives.”

Undead Labs’ zombie apocalypse survival game State of Decay, was originally refused classification in Australia as well because of drug use tied to incentives, but was approved by the board once the game was changed to comply with their guidelines.