March 28, 2011: wallet threat level three

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This week’s wallet threat level is three, in honor of The 3rd Birthday, yet another distinctive title for the PSP, published by Square Enix. Considering they’ve just published the hours-devouring Tactics Ogre and Dissidia 2, I’m eager to see what the deal is with this story-driven shooter based on the Parasite Eve games.

The bigger news this week is Need for Speed: Shift 2. The original Shift was, for me, hands-down the best “serious” racing game I’ve ever played. And given that every time I boot up the frivolous and frothy Test Drive Unlimited 2 it finds some new way to break my heart, I’m ready to get serious.

Oh, there’s also some sort of 3D doo-dad out from Nintendo. Which, admittedly, looks pretty cool, but I’m not convinced it looks $300 cool. Please let me know if I’m wrong.