Planetary Annihilation rushes towards retail despite being early access

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Remember when early access games were the domain of digital outlets like Steam? Man, those were good times! Nordic Games is pioneering the drive into offering early access games through physically shipped disks. Amazon UK has the page up for the Nordic Games’ published retail package of Planetary Annihilation. For 39.99 in UK money, (I believe that’s a million Quatloos) you can get a physical disk shipped to you that will allow you to get into the exciting world of early access gaming.

GET IN EARLY on the action with this time-limited edition
FULLY UPDATED to the full version upon release via on-line updates

Developer Uber Entertainment and publisher Nordic Games announced their partnership for the retail release of Planetary Annihilation in December 2013. The retail packages are scheduled to ship after June 20th. Buyers may someday get a finished game.