Brutal Gratuitous Space Battles add-on now kinder and gentler

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I love Gratuitous Space Battles! I don’t love the Galactic Conquest add-on, which gives the game a campaign mode. Well, it’s technically a “campaign mode”. It might be more accurate to describe it as a “vicious beat down designed to make you never again want to play this stupid game”. Galactic Curb Stomp might have been a better name.

The single static map was the least of the add-on’s problems, so the four new maps added in today’s free patch are nice. But what’s really nice is this bit:

The new update (which brings the game to version 1.56) also changes the difficulty level down from ‘totally impossible’ to ‘playable’, so those of you who thought you might not be cut out for supreme galactic ruler-ship, may be able to re-consider it as a career now.

You can get the patch here.