Your cool purple suit in Apex Legends will not be available on other systems

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If you’re enjoying Apex Legends, the surprise launch free-to-play battle royale game from Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, there is a caveat you should keep in mind. While the developers are working on cross-play so friends on different systems can play with each other, producer Drew McCoy confirmed to Eurogamer that cross-progress, or cross-purchasing on different systems, will not happen. Unfortunately for players that like to migrate from console to PC and back as their situation permits, the studio says that it’s not technically possible due to the way the game was built. This means you will likely want to commit to your platform of choice before spending any real money on in-game cosmetics.

McCoy also explained a couple of the more puzzling aspects of the game. You don’t get a Titan in Apex Legends or any parkour shenanigans, despite the game being part of the “Titanfall universe,” because both systems were just too darned awesome for battle royale.

“The choice to not have those came about because of play-testing against our goals: to have a strategic, learnable, masterable, deep game.”

What about those of us that liked the high learning curve of Titanfall? It may be disappointing that this is what we get instead of a proper Titanfall 3, but there’s slim hope we’ll get something. Vince Zampella, Respawn’s CEO, teased some encouragement, and EA’s Andrew Wilson told investors in the company’s earnings call that Respawn would use Apex legends to “as a ramp point” to deliver a “premium” Titanfall experience later in 2019.