February 28, 2011: wallet threat level kind of red

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You’d think this would be a slow week. New releases include a boxing game from Electronic Arts, an MMO from someone you never heard of, and an expansion to an RTS that isn’t Starcraft II. Wallet threat level green, right?

Not quite. I don’t know the first thing about EA’s boxing game, but unless I can be Chun Li or Spider-Man, I’ll pass. The Retribution add-on for Dawn of War II is disappointing in a few ways. The Imperial Guard are a great addition, but I don’t understand why everyone isn’t bored to tears by these campaign missions. And the AI continues to be nearly useless for skirmishes.

But the reason this week is a clear and present danger to your wallet is because you’re probably going to want to play Rift, from a new developer called Trion. If you have any interest in MMOs, this is one you should see. More on this later today.