Daily Little Big Planet 2: sanding the floor

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As Tom suggested, we’re leaving behind the random Lucky Dip levels for these dailies. At least for awhile. We’re playing the story in LBP2 a bit more, and dabbling in a bit of co-op. These things–along with the helpful direction of our friends–are guiding us as we choose community levels going forward.

Except for this one, where I’m cheating just a little bit.

After the jump, a loophole too far

I did go with a recommendation for today’s level. I did not choose it blind. So I am technically doing what we said we were going to do from here on out. The catch? The recommendation comes from someone who created a level that I originally tried thanks to the random selection of Lucky Dip. It was a level I really liked called Artifact Hunter, a level I’ve since finished thanks to a tip posted here by the designer. Later this designer messaged me and asked me to try his new level, Marble Mayhem. So, I did.

Let me just state right now that this level is way too hard for me. But I think I really like it. But I also don’t. Basically what occurred to me as I played it is that it requires way too much patience, and patience is not what I think of when I see the word ‘mayhem’ in a title. This level is all about fine motor skills. Which is cool. But it’s also about only having three lives. Which isn’t.

What is it with these community designers and life limits? What is the point of that? By contrast, I just played–on Tom’s recommendation–Desslock’s excellent 20,000 Leagues level. It’s a tough level, but the life limits are fair. They reset at save points as you progress. Here, in Marble Mayhem, you’re given three lives, and that’s it. I get this is a design choice. But it’s an awfully harsh one.

Still, I will return, because this is a nifty challenge. What’s more, I feel like it’s teaching me something. It’s making me better at using the left stick. No joke. I can feel this happening as I work my way through the maze. Not as my sack character, incidentally, but as a marble. It feels like an exercise. Sort of an extended tutorial. I like it as that, because I’m horrible at using a controller, especially in racing games. And this level reminds me of that flat panic that sweeps over me as I overcompensate with a car and lose control of it in a racing game. I realize as I play this that I’m learning control.

That doesn’t necessarily save the level for me yet. I’m not close to beating it. But I like what it’s teaching me.

In the meantime, I’ll have to keep dealing with this image, which the level designer has planted after you lose your last marble.