Daily Little Big Planet 2: if only I spoke Hovitos

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Look at him. Look at how happy he is. He’s beaming! I’m pretty happy too. I could sing some Gilbert and Sullivan, I’m so happy. I’m not going to. I don’t sing Gilbert and Sullivan because I find that stuff annoying, but since this level made me feel like the monarch of the sea, I could

Artifact Hunter. That’s today’s level. Excuse me while I sigh contendedly and say, it’s beautiful. Beautiful. It’s a simple platformer puzzle level. It’s all about triggering hidden chambers and finding treasures. Actually, no…that’s incorrect. The gameplay is about that, I suppose. For me this level is about texture and music. It just feels right to me. It’s not overly challenging, but it is evocative. Not in a profound way, but in a comforting way. Especially after some of the levels I’ve dipped into recently. Levels like this make me want to try out more of the story mode of the game (of which I have played little), and I find that a happy development.

There is one problem, though. Sadly it is significant. Happily, it’s probably me, and not the level. I can’t figure out the very end puzzle. The level, bless its heart, is doing its best to lead me in the proper direction, giving me those obvious camera hints that say, “Hey goofball! See this? You’re supposed to jump on this!” But I can’t figure it out. Maybe if I was conversant in platformer-ese I would get it instantly. But I keep getting stuck just before the very end, and having to do that little self-destruct thing. Thankfully there’s no awful sound associated with that action, like that horrific electrocution sound. Ugh.

I’ll keep trying. I like this little world.