Ten way the Imperial Guard will kick ass

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The Retribution add-on for Dawn of War II adds the Imperial Guard. You know the Imperial Guard, right? They’re normal dudes, like you and me, but with ruthless leaders, big guns, and tanks. There are at least ten ways they can kick ass. For instance:

7. With the Commissar Lord’s fists
The Commissar Lord is an Imperial Guard leader built to lead men into the thick of battle. All three of his weapon upgrades are melee weapons. The two most powerful are the Power Fist and Fist of Brockus, both of which are effective against all target types. You know what that means, don’t you? Tank punching! Unlike the other Imperial Guard leaders, the Commissar Lord doesn’t start with any skills. Instead, he has a retinue of followers tagging along. Give him the Carapace Armor or a Flak Jacket for more health. Now equip Stubbornness in his equipment slot and he’ll regenerate health based on the number of nearby infantry. Now go punch some tanks and bring along plenty of friends.

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