Halo 5 is finally going to get the only game mode that matters

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Firefight is coming to Halo 5. Between splitscreen co-op and Firefight, it’s a toss-up which mode was more sorely missed by Halo fans when Halo 5 launched. Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a preview of the free content coming to Halo 5 in the year, and included in the announcement is Warzone Firefight.

Among the vast array of new modes coming to Halo over the next several months is one that our fans have repeatedly asked us to deliver – Firefight. The new mode, called “Warzone Firefight”, will bring PvE to Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer and let players battle together against common foes (and truly show off their custom Spartans to boot!) That’s all we’ll say for now, but trust us, we can’t wait to tell you more about Warzone Firefight in the coming months.

This is no splitscreen co-op, but Firefight finally coming back to Halo is a welcome reveal, but you can expect Halo 5’s REQ microtransaction system to play a part. It’s slated for release this year after three other upcoming content drops. The latest free update is Hammer Storm and includes the powerful M6D pistol from Halo: Combat Evolved.