Sony’s misbegotten downloadable games contest begins today

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Hey, cool, Sony is letting us vote for our favorite downloadable games.

From February 22 until March 1, PSN users have the chance to vote for your favorite game in each of the four categories by downloading a free XMB theme corresponding to that game. At the end of the voting period, the four winning games — one per category — will go on sale at a 30% discount…

Well, okay, that’s a weird way to vote. I have to download a theme for my PS3? And the prize is that the winning game, which I presumably already have if I voted for it, goes on sale?

But what’s even weirder is the list of nominees. Last year had some truly wonderful stuff available for download from the Playstation Store, much of it exclusive to the PS3 or PSP. Yet many of them are conspicuously absent from the nominees.

Where is Hoard, the really cool dragon game based on harvesting gold and princesses from a dynamic kingdom? Where is No Heroes Allowed, the latest iteration of those wacky dungeon ecology sims with names like Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman? Where is Z.H.P., the fantastically detailed grindfest RPG from the creators of Disgaea? Where is Cladun (pictured), one of last year’s finest RPGs on any platform?

Also, Sony, while I’m berating you: Where is Patapon 3? Figure it out, Sony.