The Secret World: Chick, party of one, your scenario isn’t ready

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Now that the scenarios are live in The Secret World, I realize I’m not ready for them unless I have help. I was hoping they would be accessible enough to my character, since I’m definitely at the level where I want to start using augments, which you can only find in scenarios. But I can’t get through a single wave of enemies on normal difficulty in a solo scenario. There’s no way I’m going to survive the later waves, much less the bosses.

Fortunately, I can easily handle the scenarios with a group. But then I’m competing with up to four other players for the dropped augments. In my last group scenario, eight augments dropped. Since Secret World is still one of those MMOs where you have to choose need, greed, or pass every time a trinket drops, I rolled “need” on all of them. As did everyone else, naturally. I got zero of them. I’m willing to keep trying, but because I’ve spent almost all my time in The Secret World playing solo or with real-world friends, I have no idea how to go around finding a group. The protocol is different in every game. The lobby for the scenarios, the Sunken Library in Venice, makes me think I should have no problem finding a group. Look at all those people (pictured)! They obviously want to play scenarios, too. But why is no one LFGing in the general chat? Am I supposed to LFG? Is there an LFG channel? Should I be using the built-in LFG tool that no one else seems to be using? Is there a separate website somewhere? I type and get nowhere. Maybe it’s a .net address.

It’s like walking into a crowded restaurant and not being sure if you’re supposed to seat yourself. This sort of content, which is a great addition to The Secret World and a fantastic exercise in group combat, needs a better infrastructure for those of us used to playing this as a solo game.

3 stars

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