Just how big is Arkham City?

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Anyone who played Batman: Arkham Asylum is surely looking forward to Batman: Arkham City. Just look at it (pictured). You can fly around with a helicopter! As someone who’s been gliding around Gotham City for the last three weeks, I can’t wait to see developer Rocksteady’s take on this larger world.

However, it’s hard not to notice the careful language in the press release and wonder if there’s some sort of expectation management going on.

Developed by Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham City builds upon the intense, atmospheric foundation of Batman: Arkham Asylum, sending players soaring into Arkham City, the new maximum security “home” for all of Gotham City’s thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds. Set inside the heavily fortified walls of a sprawling district in the heart of Gotham City, this highly anticipated sequel introduces a brand-new story that draws together a new all-star cast of classic characters and murderous villains from the Batman universe, as well as a vast range of new and enhanced gameplay features to deliver the ultimate experience as the Dark Knight.

Arkham City isn’t Gotham. It’s a district. A “sprawling district”, according to that press release, but still a district. I get the feeling I’m not going to get to drive the Batmobile around after all. At least I’ll always have this.