The end of DC Universe Online

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So that’s me up there in DC Universe’s Smallville instance, where me and some famous NPC superheroes just finished taking out Doomsday. Pictured are, from left to right, Bizzarro, Orange Boots, Freezer Girl, Miss Chick (me), and Little-Headed Guy Who Needs New Clothes.

Now that I’ve hit the level cap and vanquished Doomsday, I’m am officially in my first MMO endgame. I’ve never hit a level cap before. It feels strange. So this is what you people do when you keep playing World of Warcraft long after you’ve beat the game!

And with that, here is my final field report for GamePro, jointly written with AJ Glasser. After three weeks, is the honeymoon over? What is the situation with bugs? Are we done playing? And, of course, did I really give it five stars?