Your first taste of The Crew is free

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Ubisoft is finally showing a little confidence in The Crew, my favorite game from last year! They’re hoping that the first two hours will wet your whistle sufficiently that you’ll want to buy it.

…a free trial of the action-driving MMO The Crew is available today on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and will be available March 25 on Xbox One… New players will be able to hit the road in this free two-hour trial and keep all of their progress should they decide they want to continue by purchasing the game.

Unfortunately, as with any open-world game and especially MMO, the first two hours are basically a tutorial. In fact, until you get to your first underground hideout in Chicago, you’re in a gimped version of the game world. My advice is to download The Crew, dash as fast as you can through the handful of story mission that open your first hideout, and then just strike out in one direction to see how much you can see before your two hours are up. My advice is to forget New York. Instead, head southwest to New Orleans and then hang a right out into the Southwest and then California. You should be hitting the Pacific just as your two hours are up.