Daily Little Big Planet 2: Sack Hulk smash puny critic!

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Hey, look, it’s a Hulk movie (Incredible HULK! (FILM) by Arnieboy74). It can’t be any worse than that Ang Lee thing!

And sixty seconds later I’ve discovered that Little Big Planet is no The Movies. This might not be the best platform for machinima. All you get here is some rowdy Sack Boyz roughing up a David Banner Sack Boy, who then instantly transforms in a Hulk Sack Boy. The ne’er-do-wells run off and get in a car. The Hulk Sack Boy gives chase (pictured) and then throws the car into a wall. Cut to the thugs in jail and then David Banner Sack Boy smiles and walks off to some sort of instrumental music I’m pretty sure is from a superhero movie.

Yeah, cute, but it takes as long to download as it does to watch. However, you can then continue on to Arnieboy74’s Spiderman (FILM), which has much more action and drama. Plus it ends with a dance number. Also, I’m apparently very good at this level. With zero points, I’m tied for first place on the leaderboards.