Daily Little Big Planet 2: but what about “No Russian”?

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I’m not sure what to make of Jambo_X’s AC-130: Mission Alpha. My first reaction to this recreation of the famously evocative gunship sequence from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was, “Oh, my…” It’s a bit unsettling to see Little Big Planet through an IR lens, particularly looking down from a circling plane, with color-coded IFF signals on a mass of Sack Boys and Girls, trying out the AC-130’s different weapons. “Raining death” isn’t really something I’m used to doing in Little Big Planet.

My second reaction was to admire Mr. _X’s ingenuity. What a clever idea! Just as the Dead Rising level offered a weirdly cheery perspective on zombie gore, here’s a weirdly cheery perspective on the cold remote calculation of contemporary war. Who says Little Big Planet has to always and only be cute?

My third reaction was to play again to try to get a better score.