Daily Little Big Planet 2: the dead shall waddle the earth

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I’m so predictable. I couldn’t resist jumping into the first zombie-themed level I could find. Which wasn’t hard considering it’s prominently featured at the top of the recommended lists. It’s Dead Rising “mall of the dead” by RLCSAMS. You’re dropped into a sort of mall at one of several spawning points. Around the mall, you’ll find paintguns and throwable dynamite sticks with which to kill zombies. Sack zombies! You earn points for kills, and you lose points for getting eaten. At certain scoring thresholds, you unlock boxes containing advanced weapons. Like a flamethrower. Once the time limit is up, your score is logged on the boards. I’m a bit disappointed there isn’t some sort of getting to the chopper at the end.

There’s a lot of running away, and getting trapped, and dying, which should be features of any zombie encounter. Above, you can see my Sack Girl running in terror, desperately brandishing her paint gun. Despite the earnestly grim soundtrack, it’s the cheeriest and most adorable zombie slaughter I’ve ever seen. When it was all done, I wrote my first online review of a Little Big Planet level. Well, my first ingame online review.

I also noticed that every level has its own web page, courtesy of Little Big Planet’s fantastic community support. You can go here for Dead Rising “mall of the dead”, and if you’re logged into your Sony account, you can even queue it up for download next time you turn on your PS3.