Daily Little Big Planet 2: a thousand deaths

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I don’t make it any further than the above screenshot in Maniacolus’ lovely Little Big Planet level, The gnome cave. That’s because Maniacolus built it with limited lives. When I lose those, the level ends and I have to restart from the very beginning. So I have the option of replaying over and over on the way back to that jump, or I can go play another lovely level with infinite lives, like Lockstitch’s Vile Anchorage. I do the latter. My Sack Girl still dies a lot, but she’s happier for never going farther backwards than the last check point.

As a guy who’s so bad at platformers that I break out in a cold sweat when I get to a part where I have to jump, I don’t understand why someone would make a level with limited lives. If you want people like me to see your work, don’t punish us by putting us back at the beginning. But that’s just the bad platform gamer in me talking. Part of the appeal of Little Big Planet is that there are so many different kinds of levels. If I wanted to play a punishing platformer, and I didn’t already have a copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns, I might enjoy banging my head against The gnome cave to work my way up the leaderboards.