Metro Redux brings the Russian underground back for a repeat performance

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Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light may share the same Russian literary setting, but each title has unique gameplay elements and distinctive flavor. 2033’s desperate scrabbly survival-horror contrasts with Last Light’s somber moments punctuated by bursts of violence. But beyond tone, there was also four years of cutting-edge tech between the two games. 2033 doesn’t look bad – in fact, it’s still a great looking game – but when compared to Last Light, you can see what the devs were able to do with their engine in those years.

4A Games and publisher Deep Silver want to bring Metro 2033 up to the standards of Metro: Last Light. The Metro Redux package bundles the two games with all the DLC and features “re-mastered” versions of both games. Metro 2033 will be recreated in the more advanced Last Light engine, and the previously third-person cinematics are being remade in first-person to align with Last Light’s storytelling. Beyond the graphical, Redux will give 2033 improvements like day/night cycles, stealth takedowns, and weapon customization. Last Light will get a couple of small additions like watch and inventory checking as well as a bit of a graphics pass.

Technical changes aren’t the only thing Redux offers. Want to experience Last Light more like 2033? Play Last Light in the new “Survival” mode and you’ll have less resources and a slower pace. On the flipside, fans of Last Light can play 2033 in a style more to their liking by enabling “Spartan” mode. Everybody wins!

The Metro Redux disc bundle will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $49.99. The Redux version of both games will also be available separately for $24.99 each as digital downloads.