Daily Little Big Planet 2: Sackboys in the hood

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Yesterday, I looked at the highest rated Little Big Planet level ever. Today, I’d like to get a look at the other end of the spectrum. However, there’s no option to sort lowest rated. And besides, wouldn’t some of the worst levels ever be simply unrated? What’s an easy way to just jump into something junky?

After the jump, I play the odds.

I figure 99% of the levels in Little Big Planet are terrible. So if I just sort by “newest” and jump in whatever was most recently posted, the odds are that I’ll get a bad level, right? Let’s give this a spin.

Okay, the newest level posted is currently called “MTV cribs-in door”. Is is the creation of Lock90. Here is what he writes in the description:

This is DJ sack boys crib enjoy

Let’s take a look.

The first thing I notice is that he’s in here with me. Well, I assume it’s him. It’s a weird rap star version of Sackboy, following me around, talking to me. And he’s really big. I thought Sackboys only came in one size, but this guy is about twice my size and he seems very street. I’m not sure what to make of that.

At least he’s hospitable. As we move into his “crib”, he shows me the couch. We bounce on it. Okay, that’s kind of cute. So far, so good. Then we get to his refrigerator. He opens it and proudly proclaims that he has sausage and a “big ass chili” (pictured). Then we get to his “golden elevator”. Is all of this street lingo for dirty things? Should I be concerned? My finger is poised on the select button — you press select to report objectionable content — as we come to his art gallery. Will there be a giant photo of his dong, courtesy of the Playstation Eyetoy? Fortunately, they’re innocuous stickers he’s gathered over the course of playing the game.

Finally, I jump into a hamster tube and I’m whisked away like Augustus Gloop to a vat of scoring bubbles. It seems like millions of them! I just jump around and rack up points and multiplayers. Thanks, Lock90! And right past here, I find a portal to one of Lock90’s earlier levels, modeling the outside of his crib. He shows me his pool and promptly drowns to death in it, leaving me to explore by my lonesome his low-rider car complete with hydraulics, a football field, and a crazy boat ride that crashes me into the scoring screen.

I would say a fun time was had by all and I feel like I’ve been exposed to a new culture.