Daily Little Big Planet 2: in space, no can hear you ‘oooh!’

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That’s blast radius, a level for Little Big Planet 2 created by Johnee. I found it by going to the community section, paging past the Cool Levels, Media Molecule Recommendations, and Text Search options to the More area. From there, I selected “highest rated ever” in the browse options. Blast radius appeared, and after a short loading time, I was inside a twin stick shooter with different weapons for blasting asteroids to get at the scoring crystals on the inside.

It’s cute. It’s just a twin stick shooter with different weapons and screen clearing bombs. Aggressive UFOs come along eventually. There are leaderboards that show me somewhere around 8,000th place.

After the jump, I’ll show you the cool thing it does.

Here’s how the level starts. Kind of dark, but this is space after all.

Hey, what’s happening to that sliver in the background?

It’s a sunrise in space!

As Johnee puts it in the description, you’re watching a cosmic ballet unfold in the background. Very nice. This is pretty much Little Big Planet in a nutshell. No great shakes in the gameplay department, but very cute and capable of some lovely surprises.