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Tropico 5 offends Thailand

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Tropico 5 will not be sold in Thailand. New Era, the Asian distributor for Tropico 5, has announced that Thailand’s Board of Film and Video Censors has determined that Tropico 5 contains material that could potentially “affect peace and order in the country” and has banned the sale of the game. Publisher Kalypso Media has confirmed that it will not contest the ban, but added that previous games in the series were approved and remain on sale in the territory. Kalypso’s Stefan Marcinek noted the irony of the situation.

“This does sound like it could have come from one of El Presidente’s own edicts from the game.”

Tropico 5 was released worldwide on May 23rd, a day after Thailand’s military launched their successful takeover of the country.

Tropico 5 is the Idi Amin of city builders

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Tropico 5 is a tin-pot dictator – careening from crisis to crisis, trying to assert its authority, while always in the shadow of the previous regime. Like the miniature tyrants it tries to spoof, Tropico 5 is more ridiculous than impressive. That bluster and charm hides insecurity. It’s a game that knows it’s the ruler of a tiny empire because there isn’t anyone else to rule in its place.

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