Welcome to Quarter to Three

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Hello! If you’re here from Fidgit, let me show you around. Further down the page, you’ll find links to podcasts and reviews. Qt3 does a weekly podcast on movies, and a podcast on games featuring different guests from our message board. Starting in January, there’s going to be more stuff on this page to make a daily visit worth your while.

Over there to the right, you’ll see three links. The first goes back to Fidgit. The second, uh, takes you right back here. You know, just in case. The third takes you to the forums. That’s the important one! Click on it and register an account with us. We’re a friendly bunch for the most part and we talk about cool stuff beyond the usual games. For instance, here’s an online fantasy-world-meets-zombies game that several folks are playing. We love Pinball FX 2 and you’ll find plenty of names here to add to your friends list so you can get your Wizard Score up. Here’s an epic thread on iPhone games. Also, be sure to jump into this thread and vote on your game of the year.

You’ll also find lots of conversations about movies, TV shows, books, and music. We have an active politics subforum that can be plenty mean-spirited, but it can be plenty smart as well. And you won’t want to miss this thread and especially this thread to just get happy.

Be sure to read the rules post in the games forum so you get a sense for how we roll. And if you have any questions, send me a PM at “tomchick” or an email at [email protected]