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Will there be collectible sex cards in The Witcher Adventure Game?

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CD Projekt RED and Fantasy Flight Games have announced a boardgame version of everyone’s favorite white-haired monster slayer. The Witcher Adventure Game will let players travel across the land, kill monsters, and possibly have lots of steamy sex. Okay, maybe the sex won’t actually be in the game, but the site boasts that veteran game designer Ignacy Trzewiczek “knows how to create memorable tabletop experiences.” Going by what happens if you Google Image search for The Witcher, players remember the sexy bits the most.

You can choose from any of the four characters: Geralt of Rivia, Dandelion, Triss Merigold and Yarpen Zigrin. Each character has unique abilities and their own deck of Development Cards. As a result, each time you play you can discover something new by trying out varied characters and experimenting with different builds.

A version of The Witcher Adventure Game is planned for iOS and Android tablets.