Sniper Elite 3 keys targeted and eliminated

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Sniper Elite 3 released last week and many players are enjoying the long-distance shooting and improved level design of this third installment of the franchise. Grizzled stealth guy versus the Afrika Korps! Unfortunately, that’s not true for at least 7,050 people that are victims of a serial key theft. According to Rebellion, that many Sniper Elite 3 Steam serial keys were stolen from an unnamed retailer. Those stolen keys were then sold to multiple online distributors, which were then purchased by consumers. Rebellion notified Valve of the theft and the keys have been revoked from Steam.

As a developer Rebellion are happy for you to purchase the game anywhere you see fit and support price competition in the PC market – we have in no way targeted any specific vendors (who may have also thought these keys were legitimate), just this one set of keys.

All we can suggest if you have been affected is to please contact your vendor and first ask for a replacement key.

As a partial solution, Rebellion is giving players that had their game revoked free keys for the Target Hitler DLC that was part of the pre-order offer.