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Side-scrolling Link is exactly what everyone needed from Super Mario Maker 2

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Nintendo is adding Link to Super Mario Maker 2 on December 5th. The 2.0 Update features a lot of great stuff, like a new speedrun mode and special blocks, but the star of the free content addition is the plucky hero from The Legend of Zelda. Unlike previous costume changes for Mario, turning into Link will drastically change how players interact with the game’s levels. Link can shoot arrows, thrust with his Master Sword, and carry bombs. Let me turn into Zelda, and we’ll really be cooking.

The next Super Mario Maker update will make it easier to find unbeatable levels

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On December 21st, Nintendo will release a free update for the Super Mario Maker that will make it easier to search for levels, see how quickly someone beat your levels, and adds a few new items to the palette. The Bookmark Update features a browser-based search engine made specifically for the game. Once you sign in with your Nintendo ID, you can mark creations to play later. The Bookmark site will be available on any device that can surf the web, as well as within the game on the Wii U. You’ll be able to find that frustratingly difficult level so much easier! The update also adds an area on the level menu that shows who beat a level first, and the record for beating the level the fastest. How wonderful it will be to see how quickly that guy in Canada blew through your carefully constructed deathtraps.

In addition to bookmarking and score enhancements, the update will come with new items to destroy other players, or for them to destroy you.