Grand Theft Auto V gives players a chance to be Eddie Adams

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It turns out that Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode is the perfect place for combat photography. Christopher Murrie, senior film editor at Laika, uses the in-game cell phone feature to take snapshots of the violent action in Grand Theft Auto Online and posts his results to Reddit. His character stays in passive mode, wears a “MEDIA” jacket, and travels around Los Santos in a news van. The results are similar to the type of images you’d see coming out of real-world conflicts.

Murrie told Polygon that he started his hobby after another player was wreaking havoc on the streets with a tank. He followed and started taking photos of the violence instead of participating in the mayhem. The idea has caught on. Players are joining Murrie’s in-game group, Media Lens, to become virtual war correspondents. A Pulitzer can’t be far off for one of these brave photojournalists.