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Sony’s E3 2017 press briefing was heavy on sitars, VR, and Marvel

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How do you perplex an audience of gamers? Sony began their E3 2017 show with a musical number performed by live sitar players and drummers. Then, for maximum confusion, just as the new trailer for Uncharted: the Lost Legacy started, Sony dropped their audio feed for most outlets. Is this a Lara Croft game? No! It’s a spin-off from Uncharted, now with girl power tomb raiding. Don’t fix the audio just yet, Sony! You’ve got The Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn to put on the big screen and make gamers strain to hear it.

Unfettered by the need to push any new hardware, Sony concentrated on PlayStation games. Here, a tease for the PlayStation 4 remaster of Shadow of the Colossus. There, an extended look at Detroit: Become Human‘s main character and android revolutionary, Marcus. Sandwiched in-between was another look at totally not Walking Dead Days Gone. If spandex heroes mashed up with videogame licensed characters are your thing, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has got you covered. We got a peek at Call of Duty: WW II‘s cinematic take on action warfare. Monster Hunter: World reminded all the Horizon fans what fighting dinosaurs used to be like. Destiny 2 rolled out their first big bad guy, Dominus Ghaul, who should absolutely not remind anyone of a Halo boss.

PlayStation VR got some time on the stage. Bethesda announced Skyrim VR for everyone that thought clumsy-looking VR waggling should be extended to dragon shouts and Nords. If that wasn’t your thing, you could guide a mouse through VR environments in Moss. Too cute? Try The Inpatient, a VR horror title that takes players through another ho-hum haunted sanitarium.

Sony wrapped their show with two headline games. There was an extended trailer for God of War, with Kratos teaching his son how to commune with nature and find his inner peace. Also, how to tear his enemies apart by hand. The show ended with a good chunk of Insomniac’s Spider-Man. In the clip, the fearless web-slinger hit a dozen quick-time events and aped Rocksteady’s Batman as hard as he could. The quips were solid though, so the game has that going for it.

Sony’s E3 show had more naked Norman Reedus than any other E3 show

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Sony’s 2016 E3 show was a barely interrupted succession of game trailers. It started with an odd choral arrangement that evolved into an orchestral performance conducted by Bear McCreary. From there, the audience was pushed straight into a demo of God of War, featuring Kratos on a heartwarming jog with his son. Bonding time! Days Gone, a post-apocalyptic zombie game featuring bikers gave the viewers a thrill with a wave of undead chasing a man through a barn. Annual E3 favorite The Last Guardian was displayed, this time with an October 25th release date. Horizon Zero Dawn was back with more future primitive dino-mech hunting. Resident Evil Biohazard looked appropriately dark and jump-scary. Detroit Become Human looks like it takes the multiple-choice gameplay of Until Dawn or Heavy Rain and mixes it with robots.

A selection of PlayStation VR games were shown, including a Batman Arkham VR game from Rocksteady and Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission from EA. The PlayStation VR hardware will go on sale on October 13th for $399.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s space fighter, hull breaching, spaceship explosion gameplay was shown. See if you can guess how long it took the audience to realize it was a Call of Duty game. A Crash Bandicoot collection is being remastered for the PlayStation 4, along with Crash coming to Skylanders Imaginators.

Finally, Hideo Kojima was brought out to great fanfare to show off Norman Reedus’ butt in Death Stranding. It’s no Silent Hills, but naked Norman Reedus is a win.

14 things we learned from E3

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E3 has come and gone. Attendees squint around in its wake, cobbling together a means of remembrance from the show. What were the themes? Was this the year of early access? When Battlecry is dated for “Beta 2015” it’s hard to think not. Maybe it was finally the unveiling of next-gen games? Maybe there were #trends to talk about. Sure, let’s do that. I feel like I’ve learned something. I daresay, even a few things.

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