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Story events and a giant fish invade Dominions 4

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The 4.05 patch has been released for Dominions 4. It’s a significant free update for the strategy game that adds special story events that are more interactive than the random events that you can see during a match. For example, an “unholy flux” could break out in one of your provinces that slowly kills off your population until you bring a priest there to clear it out. Rampaging Northmen could show up all over the map and start raiding provinces! You’ll have to take action to deal with story events directly rather than just letting a random event unfold.

A laundry list of bug fixes and balance changes also come with the update, but you’ll probably be more excited by the Celestial Carp pictured above. He’s one of the three new Pretender gods that have been added. How many other games give you a giant fish diety?

Dominions 4 expands its territory by invading Steam

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Dominions 4, the bonkers strategy game from Illwinter, is now available on Steam. If you purchased the game already through Desura or GamersGate, then congratulations! You’re a good person that deserves applause and maybe worship. You’re also now able unlock the game from Steam by using your game’s serial key.

If you haven’t purchased Dominions 4 yet because you won’t buy PC games unless they’re on Steam, or because you thought it looked like a low-budget indie game with no gameplay, then a pox on you for being a terrible person. You can purchase the game at the introductory price of $29.74 and save a few dollars off the normal cost. You can also start reading the nicely written manual which is 295 pages long and growing!

No, really. You need to read the manual to play this game.