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Dead Man’s Draw shuffles onto PC

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Say hello to Sir Lovesword! Stardock’s pirate-themed iOS card game has been released for PC on Steam for $9.99. The game features higher resolutions, mouse-compatible controls, and all the iOS in-app purchases have been included in the basic purchase of the game. The PC version of Dead Man’s Draw also comes with a new card suit abilty that adds its own wrinkle to the gameplay.

New Mermaid suit ability – Mermaids now allow you to replay a card in the river, leading to even bigger combos and epic turns

New Sirens trait – Steal any card your opponent replays with a Mermaid

Read Tom’s review of Dead Man’s Draw here.

Dead Man’s Draw gets physical

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Stardock Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter for a physical version of Dead Man’s Draw. The Kickstarter page explains that Stardock made a few prototype decks of Dead Man’s Draw in the studio to quickly test ideas before going live with the iOS version. People liked them enough that they decided to try making them for real.

Stardock Entertainment is a video game company, not a tabletop game manufacturer. We don’t have the history, the expertise, or the connections to get into that industry – nor do we really want to. At the same time, we have been having a blast playing the physical version of Dead Man’s Draw and want to share that opportunity with anyone who might be interested.

Tom’s review of Dead Man’s Draw on the iPad lauded the mechanics, but did point out the in-app purchases were annoying. There won’t be any virtual panhandling in this version of the game!

To draw or not to draw, that is the question in Dead Man’s Draw

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Playing the bounteous Fall from Heaven mods for Civilization IV was a steady progression of “I can’t believe they even put this in here!” moments. But it wasn’t enough to come up with crazily imaginative factions, game bending concepts, and so many revised and refined rules that you forgot you were playing a variation on Civilization. Creator Derek Paxton even built into Fall from Heaven a deck building game called Somnium. You could play against the other factions for a diplomacy bonus or penalty, depending on how well you did. It was simple but hearty. It was the sort of thing you wished you could get for your tabletop. Or, years later, your iPad.

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