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City of Horror, a game played by total jerks, takes the gameplay out of the game

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City of Horror isn’t really much of a game. The rules are surprisingly simple for a board with so many pieces, most of them being zombies on little plastic stands. It only lasts four turns, which means you will only ever make four moves. The modular board doesn’t seem to have any sense of balance or tuning. “Eh, just use whichever side you want,” it says about each tile, as if it knows the board itself is one of the least interesting things going on here, despite being gussied up with zombie apocalypse artwork. Useful artwork, by the way. The discard pile is an overturned garbage truck. The pile of antidote tokens goes on an ambulance. The zombie markers pile up behind a barricade until you put them into play.

But none of this is as important as the people sitting around the table. How you play the board doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you play these people.

After the jump, you don’t see them screwing each other over for a victory point. Continue reading →