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Borderlands 2 wants you to spend Valentine’s Day with Mad Moxxi

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Remember Borderlands 2? Gearbox is still pumping out DLC for the acclaimed shooter. Gearbox revealed to IGN that the fourth Headhunter DLC for Borderlands 2 will be Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre, which will be released on February 11th. It will be a Valentine’s Day themed mission featuring a wedding, two love-struck Goliaths, and everyone’s favorite mime-faced entrepreneur. Like previous Headhunter packs, successfully completing the quests will net players a new cosmetic head and skin for their characters.

Gearbox also confirmed that the fifth and final Headhunter pack will be Sir Hammerlock and the Son of Crawmerax, coming in April.

Telltale Games goes to Pandora and Westeros in 2014

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Telltale Games announced two episodic games during the Spike VGX awards this weekend. The first game, (previewed in the above video) is a collaboration with Gearbox and will take players back to the world of Vault hunting and Claptrap. One of the strongest components of Borderlands 2 was the writing, so a point & click dialogue game of the type Telltale excels at making seems to be a good fit.

The second game, announced in this very short teaser, is going to be based on the popular Game of Thrones property. It remains to be seen how much sexposition we’ll get out of a Telltale game, but I look forward to the QTE.

This is how you celebrate turkey time in Borderlands 2

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The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler, the second of the Headhunter DLC packs, is coming to Borderlands 2 next week – just in time for Thanksgiving! Players will have to kill a giant mutated turkey and take the head as their trophy. That’s what you do in Pandora. Kill things and collect stuff.

Gearbox also announced that the third Headhunter DLC will be called How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day and will be available to purchase in December.

Claptrap has goodies to give out

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What’s better than winning virtual loot in Borderlands 2? How about winning real loot by collecting virtual loot in Borderlands 2? Beginning October 11th, Gearbox is going to give away $100,000 worth of swag to Borderlands 2 players in the Loot Hunt including $50,000 to one lucky Vault Hunter. By obtaining a special gun, and playing while connected to the internet, players will unlock the ability to take part in a Community Goal that will result in getting a contest entry for that day as well as in-game loot.

Basically, a Community Goal involves killing a special type of enemy with that day’s unique gun. If you guys cumulatively kill enough enemies singled out in the daily Community Goals, then you’ll unlock a Community Reward (read: uniquely super-awesome gun) at the week’s end!

Only US residents are eligible for the real rewards, but everyone can obtain the in-game loot by participating. The contest ends on Novemember 7th.

PAX Prime 2013 wrap party

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PAX Prime is an odd experience when you go with a family. Everyone has different interests, so you have to split up at times if the party is going to get the most out of the exhibitions. “Oh, you want to see Ubisoft’s The Crew before we grab some lunch? I want to see Ryse: Son of Rome.” Sometimes, you have to be willing to compromise because every bit of the show floor looks like the image above. It’s just a crowded mess.

Yesterday, PAX gave us some big-budget gaming. For the final day, let’s wrap things up with a look at some other games.

After the jump, the family that attends PAX together, plays together. Continue reading →

Borderlands 2 delivers a +5 to punching

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Just like last time, Gearbox Software has released a short film that sets up a DLC to Borderlands 2. I’m not sure why they release these so long after the DLC comes out, but better late than never, I guess. This video shows how Tiny Tina started the Bunkers & Badasses scenario in her Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. It’s a story of triumph during adversity. And punching. Lots of punching.