Claptrap has goodies to give out

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What’s better than winning virtual loot in Borderlands 2? How about winning real loot by collecting virtual loot in Borderlands 2? Beginning October 11th, Gearbox is going to give away $100,000 worth of swag to Borderlands 2 players in the Loot Hunt including $50,000 to one lucky Vault Hunter. By obtaining a special gun, and playing while connected to the internet, players will unlock the ability to take part in a Community Goal that will result in getting a contest entry for that day as well as in-game loot.

Basically, a Community Goal involves killing a special type of enemy with that day’s unique gun. If you guys cumulatively kill enough enemies singled out in the daily Community Goals, then you’ll unlock a Community Reward (read: uniquely super-awesome gun) at the week’s end!

Only US residents are eligible for the real rewards, but everyone can obtain the in-game loot by participating. The contest ends on Novemember 7th.