Tony Carnevale and Brian Haskell

Two men enter the Blood Bowl Superbowl. One man will leave.

Tony: Today I’ll be playing Blood Bowl against my friend Brian Haskell, whom I’ve played multiple times before and never beaten. He’s like a Blood Bowl machine. On the other hand, I’ve only seen him play the Norsemen, who seem pretty OP. That’s a thing about Blood Bowl you’ll either love or you’ll hate; the races have a delightful pre-Eurogame asymmetry. One of our friends picked the defenseless halflings in our last league. After some hilariously one-sided matches, we started calling them “garlic knots.” Garlic knots might have been more challenging opponents.

In this league, I’ll be playing the fast, skilled anthropomorphic rats known as Skaven, and Brian will be playing, uh, Corn Demons? Ha ha. Brian’s the Corn Demons.

Brian: That’s KHORNE Daemons, as in Khorne the Blood God, Lord of Skulls, thank you very much. Although I did make their uniforms yellow and tried to work in a pun about HFCS into their team motto. (I failed.) Like you say, I’ve been stomping you into the dirt with the Norsemen since you joined the fracas, so to stop all the OP talk I’m going to stomp everyone into the dirt with a team that’s completely absent the Norse’s bread and butter, the Block skill, at least as a rookie team.

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