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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: monster hunter triumphant

I’ve played enough games over the years to know that if you come up across something you can’t accomplish and that other options exist, maybe you’re supposed to do those other things first. I distinctly remember coming across a boss early into Darksiders 2 that I was in no way equipped to deal with but not before spending half an hour trying to kill the blasted thing. Eventually I gave up, came back when I was supposed to and promptly killed its bark covered ass.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: not so Great Jaggi

Day three and I’m feeling pretty good about this whole monster hunting thing. I’ve got some materials, I have a companion and my reputation among the village’s residents is starting to grow resulting in more quests coming my way. I head on over to the guild hall to take a look at their quests and come across what looks like a pretty easy endeavor. Someone wants eggs for an omelet. Eggs? How hard can it be to deliver some eggs?

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: pigs and cats

Once I have a few quests under my belt in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate the game starts to open up but unfortunately not in the four hour phone call from my sister way in which I get every piece of information I could possibly wish for but in the conversation with my twelve year old son way in that I know something happened but I have to poke and prod and hope that I ask the right question at the right time.

But hey, I have a talking cat and a pig in a sombrero so it can’t all be bad.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: getting acquainted

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS isn’t the first time I’ve played a Monster Hunter game. I tried Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3DS, but couldn’t get into it. I also tried Monster Hunter Freedom Unite when it was free via PlayStation Plus. In both cases I found the game obtuse, difficult, and not at all deserving of the attention that this series garners. Normally if a game series doesn’t entice me with two releases I’m happy to write it off but between a New 3DS XL with a c-stick for camera control and this MonHun being billed as the most accessible MonHun yet, I figure it’s time to see if I can get as obsessed with killing dinosaurs as the rest of the world.

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Majora’s Mask 3D is the creepiest, most interesting, and most humane Zelda

As much as I love the Legend of Zelda games, Majora’s Mask never clicked with me. Between the game’s central premise of repeating the same three days over and over again and the ever-present timer counting down my doom, it presented such a change from Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker that I never gave it a chance to make an impression. Thank goodness Nintendo has worked so hard to bring their back catalog of older games to the 3DS, because without the release of Majora’s Mask 3D, I would have missed out on one of the creepiest, most interesting, and most humane of the Zelda games.

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Qt3 Games Podcast: Step into the Dying Light

This week Jason gushes over Techland’s latest zombie opus Dying Light much in the way your blood would gush over the gaping maw of a zombie that just chomped down on you because you don’t know how to mantle over a dumpster. Whoopsie! Brandon mostly complains about how open world games force him to do things he doesn’t want to because he’s a weak, weak man. He definitely would not be able to mantle over a dumpster.


Streamcasting Dragon Age: Inquisition

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This week the Qt3 Podcast team takes a break from podcasting to do some streamcasting Twitchcasting…uh casting. Whatever. I’m old. I’m not hip to your crazy jive talk.

Bottom line is that instead of a podcast I streamed some Dragon Age: Inquisition so go watch it and marvel at what a crappy mage I am. I promise to get better at talking and playing at the same time so forgive me if I sound more incoherent than usual.

Treading the familiar ground of Pokemon Omega Ruby

When is a retelling of a story simply a retelling or a reboot or a remake? Does the distinction even matter? If the story is the same but with more modern sensibilities, is it worth experiencing again? These are the things I think about as I tiptoe through the tall grass of the Hoenn region, waiting for my DexNav to tell me what beastie belongs to the tail sticking up out of the foliage. I’m in Hoenn again, just as we were 12 years ago when Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire first launched, but this time with the modern coat of paint afforded by last year’s Pokemon X and Y.

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Quarter to Three Games Podcast: Chatting with Jim Sterling

This week Brandon sits down with Jim Sterling to talk about his recent decision to forego traditional outlets for the wild woods of Patreon. Along the way we talk about the evolution of The Jimquisition, the cycle of apology from big publishers, the consumer’s responsibility for publishers’ crappy behavior and how much Jim is like Stephen Colbert (hint: not much).


Qt3 Games Podcast: Clockwork Empires with Gaslamp Games

This week Brandon is joined by Daniel Jacobsen, David Baumgartner and Nicolas Vining from Gaslamp Games to talk about their new colony builder Clockwork Empires. What happens when a man who doesn’t play city builders sits down with three guys currently making one? Let’s just say that lots of colonists die and that’s just the beginning. Come for the tales of fish people, stay for the discussion about tweaking systems, why idle minds are the Elder Gods’ workshop and what it’s like to develop an Early Access project.


Qt3 Games Podcast: Talking Borderlands with Gearbox and 2K Australia

This week Brandon is joined by Tony Lawrence (Studio Head at 2K Australia), Jonathan Pelling (Creative Director at 2K Australia), Anthony Burch (writer at Gearbox) and Matt Armstrong (Franchise Director of Borderlands at Gearbox) to talk about Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Unfortunately technology conspired against us and the discussion got cut a bit short due to a dropped internet connection but not before getting some time in to talk about the secret of Borderlands world building, the Aussie flavor of the game, who knows about what secrets and much more. It’s so much fun that it takes two continents to hold it!