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My so-called Tokimeki Girl’s Kiss life

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The day of the big date comes and…OH SHIT SON are you wearing a dog collar outside the collar of your frilly lavender shirt? Really?

[Ed note: Angie Gallant is doing the unthinkable in this thread, in which she plays through and thoroughly deconstructs something called Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Kiss. I cannot recommend the thread highly enough.]

So, the Tokimeki series is a huge series of dating games…The Girl’s Side games have you playing a girl through 3 years of high school. This is not a visual novel where you read/listen to lots of dialog and then choose from a couple of options to navigate the story. This is a life sim where you need to choose your classes, afterschool activities, clothes, and friends, go on dates and attend special functions, have a job, compete in mini-games

This isn’t just a game about wooing high school boys. This is a game about touching high school boys. You are periodically given opportunities to use the DS stylus to stroke your 2D boyfriend and watch him blush and object while hearts fly out of him. It’s possible to touch him too inappropriately and make him mad, so you have to really think about the ways in which you are going to molest each high school boy.

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