Battlefield 2042’s first season comes 200 days after it launched

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EA and DICE are launching Zero Hour, the first new season of content since the game released eight months ago. There have been small bits of cosmetic content as well as some substantial patching prior to this, but this marks the first time Battlefield 2042 will ask players to pay for additional content if they hadn’t purchased one of the higher launch tiers of product. Zero Hour offers a new map, a new Specialist, new stealthy helicopters, and the requisite Battle Pass of goodies to grind.

Will it be enough to attract new players and bring back those folks that have scattered after the anemic launch and subsequent delays? You can expect the game to get at least a small bump of activity from people curious to try out the new stuff, but it’s going to be tough to win back Battlefield fans put off by the Specialists, the lack of decent maps, the goofy progression systems, and the general jank that persists. With another Call of Duty right around the corner, it may be impossible.